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When it comes to a roller door for your garage, Diamond Garage Doors in Tauranga, are the experts. We specialise in the installation of stylish, durable and affordable garage doors. 

We have a wide selection of styles to suit the aesthetic of your home and your specific needs. Not only will your new roller door look great, but all our products are well insulated, with smooth operation, and are built to stand the test of time.

Why not roll in to our showroom today and see our fantastic selection of state of the art garage doors.

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Have you thought about replacing your roller door for a new one? Diamond Garage Doors in Judea, have an extensive selection of garage doors to suit your needs and budget. 

  • High security
  • Protection against the weather
  • Durable - built to last
  • Smooth operation
  • Increase the value of your home

With a new roller door installed by Diamond Garage Doors you'll never look back.

Durability and style

For many New Zealand homes, a roller door provides an important part of its appearance.

That's why Diamond Garage Doors in Tauranga, not only manufactures garage doors that meet the toughest tests for performance, durability and long life, but also doors that are built with style and aesthetic appeal.

All our doors can be custom made to fit the exact dimensions of your garage opening.